Why I Love Being An Agent!
Posted on March 24, 2014

I started my adult life off as a professional dancer and that was pretty much all I knew. It wasn’t until I attended a Christmas party while bored and injured I even considered a career in, or knew anything about real estate. I was speaking with a friend and she made it sound fabulous. Her name may or may not have been Sarah Saltzberg… I could take the vacation I always wanted to… I could start a savings account and I’d be an independent contractor so wouldn’t have to give up my current profession completely to do this. The financial security is ridiculously rewarding for many reasons. I no longer have a panic attack when a show closes. I no longer audition with desperation hoping to get a job out of town that pays $300 a week so I can try and sublet my apartment for more than it’s worth and make ends meet. Christmas and birthdays have now become fun and exciting and not a source of complete anxiety. I take vacations now and if something terrible were to happen: I’d know I’d be covered. That’s only skims the surface of being an agent. Sure the money is good but only if you work hard. What you put into this profession, you will surely get out of it. People that think real estate agents only open a door are delusional. The reason I, personally, put in the work I do and continue to come to this job every day is what I call the exhale moment. “I love being an agent because when I see a client finally exhale because they are going to have a home, a roof over their head, and a place to call their own: I was a part of that.” Not to dumb down what I do and the information required of me as a NY Real Estate Agent but most times I feel like a combination of a therapist and a matchmaker. I feel like I need to get to know someone, learn their story, find out what they need, and then match an apartment to their needs. If I have done this successfully, when I hand them keys, I get the exhale moment and usually a hug. That is the most rewarding part of my job and that is why I love being a Real Estate Agent.