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Posted on July 24, 2017

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”Why I Train Real Estate Agents”

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My name is Brian Letendre and I work at Bohemia Realty Group. I actively help people sell their homes or purchase new ones, and while I’m not doing that I am training junior agents to be rock stars.

As an experienced agent with a sales business in play, the question of why I spend my time training always pops up.

Shouldn’t I focus all of my time and energy on getting new listings and/or buyers?

Shouldn’t I be spending my excess time marketing the hell out of myself?

What about going back to Broadway? Shouldn’t I just rock an allotted amount of sales per year and hit the pavement?

These are all valid questions and I’ve asked myself all of the above. The truth is at some point down the line one or more of those answers might prove the better choice for me. For now, I am finding a great reward in training agents and this is why:

Reigning in the money

People come into real estate for a multitude of reasons; Some join because their family is involved in some way and they are already obsessed; Some join because a friend told them how great it is and that they can make a lot of money doing this; Some don’t want to be waiting tables, some are in debt up to their eyeballs, and some are trying to reclaim their life and not go to four more years of school.

Whatever the reason, I have been around long enough to witness the magical impact that real estate can have on someone’s life. I’ve witnessed it first hand through my real estate trainees, and for myself as well. Over the course of the year it takes a junior real estate agent to become a senior real estate agent, the growth that can happen to that person both professionally and personally is immeasurable and magnificent.

Agents come in eager, starry-eyed, and occasionally disillusioned about what the job really is. They have to hit bumps, work really hard, fall down often, and consistently pick themselves back up. That’s where I come in, via Bohemia Realty Group’s real estate training program. The entire time that my trainees are junior agents are training in real estate they are never alone. With every fall I get to help provide them with a softer landing, and show them how to get back up… exactly how I did it.

An agent in training with Brian Letendre is happy to have rented two apartments in one day!

As agent progress through the new agent real estate training program, the green falls off them and deals start happening. This is when the “magic” happens. Agents start to find a new sense of confidence not only in this job but in life overall. After all, if they can handle getting a roof over someone’s head, they probably can handle a lot of other stuff they didn’t give themselves the opportunity to enjoy before. All of a sudden it seems, their finances start to settle, freeing up valuable funds and allowing the panic of next month’s rent to fall away. This leaves a happier, more secure human being. The camaraderie between members of my team settle them with new friends that understand exactly what life’s like for them right now, and these new friends are always willing to listen, commiserate, and even better- celebrate their wins. Basically, life opens up for them and starts to get bigger and more exciting. People historically have dropped weight, gotten haircuts, started exercising more and eating better than before. They crack more jokes and get up a bit earlier every day with a focus, a goal, and a game plan.

As a proud real estate trainer, I get to be part of all of this. As much as I am there with my agents every single day, I am also on the outside looking in, and I get to capture their experiences through the clear lens of an immensely proud real estate trainer. By the time they graduate, I see an entirely new agent with competence, class, and charm.

I get to be part of that.
I get to help them be that.
I get to witness that.

So, I guess for all of the people in my life that lovingly and persistently ask me why I train real estate agents: That’s why. That’s why I pass off every bit of experience I have in real estate and in life. That’s why I put out fires and show these up-and-coming agents the ropes of the real estate world in NYC. I get something back every day from every junior agent. Watching and helping people succeed is the best nourishment for the soul out there. Why wouldn’t I do it?

If you are interested in becoming a successful real estate agent via Bohemia Realty Group’s real estate agent training program, Bohemia Realty Group and I want to hear from you! Come learn why everyone’s talking about how hot it is uptown.

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